Thursday, December 10, 2009

The War on Christmas: Happy Holidays, Readers

Watching The Colbert Report tonight, I was reminded of what some people in the media talking about a "war on Christmas," a term so prevalent it has its own wikipedia page.

Soldiers in the war against Christmas say, "Happy Holidays," don't want Christmas decorations in public places, and fight against Christmas parties, opting instead for "winter" parties, if anything. These holiday terrorists are sweeping the "reason for the season" under the carpet, marking out "Christ" with a big "X."

They win battles every year, these secular militants. Imagine what winter will be like if the other side wins the war. Christmas will not be the only one hurting; the economy will get quite the blow, too. Christmas decorations will become a thing of the past. Reacting against the change to political correctness, Christians will no longer hang lights on their house. Instead they will resort to reflecting the light of Christ. Good Christians would also stray from buying "Festivus" gifts (as Seinfeld would say), letting the world know their identity by their love, not their toys. In fact, their only gifts will be the gifts of the Spirit.

Advent might gain popularity in the church as Christians reflect on and live their faith in preparing for Christmas instead of jumping straight into Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and gaudy displays of electricity bills. God forbid we consider the feelings of others by separating church and economy in an act of love.

Christians might even stop being charitable only during Christmas. Perhaps the Salvation Army is part of the war on Christmas, as their kettles could be full without the silver bells on the city sidewalks. Instead of loving and being charitable around Christmas, Christians would embody agape year round.

This war only fights against the Christmas that hasn't reflected the reason for the season in years.

Happy Holidays, friends.

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