Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A Description of the Homeless in the Winter

The following is part of a letter I received in the mail the other day. It is about homelessness, but speaks of the poor in our cities and towns, as well.
February can be a terribly cold time of year in more ways than one. For an individual on the streets, not only is the wintry season a time of physical danger, but also emotional struggle.

Imagine being so could that you're willing to take anything offered to you if it is guaranteed to help your body and mind escape the bitter elements.

After a time of accepting these 'aids,' you begin to discover that you cannot live a day without them. The drugs become your god and dictate everything you say and do. You never intended for things to be this way. You were just trying to survive.

If by some miracle, addictions have not trapped you, the main task for each day in the winter months is to simply stay warm. You're lucky if you have a coat to wear, much less a blanket to cover yourself or thick socks to put on your feet. A steamy bath is out of the question.

This mental picture I have painted for you is one many men, women, and sadly children live as a reality. Homelessness, no matter how much we look away, cannot be ignored. People in need are living on our city streets, but not one of them desired to end up in this way of life.


Sincerely yours,
Reid Lehman
Miracle Hill Ministries

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