Monday, April 12, 2010

Four Dreams, One Night

I woke up three times this morning. The first time I remembered the first two dreams, although I am not sure which dream came first. Then I went back to sleep only to wake up and remember the next dream, which I fell asleep contemplating. When I woke up for the rest of the day, I remembered the fourth dream. I haven't had time to do much thinking about them, but here they are.

1. Walking around a house w/guide, trying to see a person or just see people in general. It was a house where rough, street people went. At another point, trying to get a guy to take me to this house. I'm with a little girl in the busy street-house and we lose our guide. We get scared. Finally Dennis shows up with our guide, a japanese man. They came from a part of the house i dares not venture alone. ... Outside a house/cafe during a storm. A hurricane is coming, I learn. I take a little girl inside and the mother comes. We try to get away from the windows. We find a windowless room, although there is a painting or something on the wall I thought was a window. The house is swept up, as in a tornado. It is an old house.

2. I am at the Friendship Lobster Co-op's wharf. I am alone. Then later I am there with Dave and his friend Kyle. I hear them talk about wanting to do something & I tell them to do it, because I don't need all their time. The tide is wicked high. I want a soda. I go to my dad's truck up the hill for money & find a dollar. I choose to use the coke machine that is part slot/video game. After the slots (which I didn't understand) the video games is two cheerleaders shooting water through hoses at birds. A girl shows up and tries to play the game with me. I get a coke, but wanted diet. Dave & Kyle eventually come out of the house on the wharf.

3. I helped Nana move into a house (the outside looked like the house across from my parents). I remember putting stuff in cupboards. I said I wanted her house when she was done. Even if she got married, I would get the husband out. She died and I somehow got the man out. Nana had 11 cats. They were in a car and I didn't want them to sneak out of the car when we put her stuff in it. So, we gassed them somehow. The gas put them to sleep and they fell asleep like dogs, which, in my dream, meant they lay on their sides. I went into the house and a lot of the cupboards didn't have stuff and I got tired looking, so I just decided family could come get stuff if they wanted it, because I was moving in.

4. I was in a car, riding to Rutherfordton with Todd, who was driving. His GPS was giving us directions to some Asian restaurant for which we had a menu. The GPS took us up some seriously steep hills. I was nervous about them. I remember saying it would be nearly impossible to drive up or down the road safely in the snow. The road was mostly straight, but sometimes turned sharply left. At one point, I used the steering wheel to turn the car left as we drove up, because I was nervous about the driving. The second time the road turned left, I asked Todd to turn it, because I wasn't comfortable doing it. After the last turn left, the road started to descend, but not so sharply. We looked at the shops on either side of the street, looking for our restaurant. I remember walking into a building that turned out to be a hotel, but might not have been at first. In the lobby I saw Adam Myslinski, who asked what I was doing in Rutherfrodton and why I hadn't called him. While I talked to him, Todd went to find our room. I tried to follow Todd, but he was too far away. I kept going into a hall just as another door was shutting and I kept going through those doors to find Todd. Eventually I saw Alex Lockridge and he said the same thing Adam did. When I finally caught up to Todd, he was scolding some people for being in our hotel room. He told them they should have already checked out. We left to tell the desk and I looked at Todd's papers and said he had the wrong room. He thought it said 498, but it said 428 (or 478?). We found the room, but did not go in, because some of the people he had scolded were following us. We kept walking around trying to lose them, but they kept following, like I had followed Todd. We eventually lost them after getting in an elevator that went sideways, not up and down.

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